Superior Tax Planning


Tax preparation is easy; modern software makes it easy enough that most individuals can file their own tax returns. Because most of the critical inputs come on standard forms, which are provided to you as well as the government it is just a matter of filling in the boxes.

Yet, making the right choices to properly impact the numbers on those legal forms before they are issued requires skill. This is what is known as tax planning. Tax planning is legally influencing the numbers that will appear on those standard tax forms in a manner that is beneficial to the taxpayer. Tax Planning requires a holistic approach to do it correctly. 

Tax Planning can be difficult, complex, and expensive. Often if the taxpayer misses just one step in the process, the entire plan can end up having little to no positive tax impact. In some cases missing one little part of these complex plans can result in a huge negative impact on the taxpayer.  Thus, Relax Tax focuses on creating custom tax playbooks that make it easier and more affordable for individuals and business owners to develop safe personalized tax plans.

The goal of each plan is to assure that our clients "Retain More of What They Earn" so they have the resources to pursue their passions.

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Tax Planning reduces taxes due and paid

Because as we mentioned above we leave it to our customers to decide how they want to file their taxes. Of course, we are more than happy to file the returns for them, but it isn't required to leverage our Superior Tax Planning. Thus we have separated our Relax Tax Prep from our Relax Tax Planning area. 

We recommend Relax Tax Prep because unfortunately, the best planning in the world will not help if the return isn't filed accurately and completely. Yet some client’s situations are so simple that they do not require our Superior Tax Planning Services but are still not comfortable filing their own taxes. In those cases, our Relax Tax Prep is all they will ever need. 

Relax Tax is so comfortable that our process is superior that we put our money where our mouth is. We have integrated Tax Protect Plus into our tax prep process. Tax Protection Plus guarantee's that your identity is protected. It provides insurance that return is accurate and error-free. You can rest assured that you will never need to communicate with the IRS on the return because protection plus will address them for you as part of the audit protection. 

Thus as a Relax Tax Prep customer, you will never have a need for our IRS Tax Relief Services. 

  • Superior Tax Planning

    Relax Tax create a custom tax plan that make it easier to assure that our clients "Retain More of What They Earn" to pursue their passions.

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  • Tax Preparation w/ Protection

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  • IRS Tax Relief

    Owning the IRS can is a scary time. Unless you have Relax Tax fighting for you to assure that your rights are protected and the long term financial impact is as minimal as possible. Free yourself from tax stress.

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