Claim Your Eligible Tax Credits

Are you sure that you and/or your business have taken all the tax credits that you are eligible for? Unlike tax deductions, tax credits have the potential to be refundable. Failure to claim tax credits is literally leaving money on the table, let us help determine which credits you may be eligible for.

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  • Superior Tax Planning

    Relax Tax creates a custom tax plan that makes it easier to ensure that you will "Retain More of What You Earn" to pursue your passions.

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  • Tax Preparation w/ Protection

    Relax knowing your return is e-filed right. While other firms charge up to $95 additional per return, the best available protection is included standard with every e-filed Relax Tax return. Learn More

  • IRS Tax Relief

    Owing the IRS is a scary time. Unless you have Relax Tax fighting for you to assure that your rights are protected and the long-term financial impact is as minimal as possible. Free yourself from tax stress.

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  • Fractional CFO Services

    Enhances your team with the exact level of expert CFO insights customized to fit your organization's current and growing needs. Learn More.

  • Simplified Bookkeeping

    Bookkeeping is a necessary evil. Thus, we customize the most cost-effective simplified approach to fit your unique business needs. Learn More.

  • Monthly Accounting

    When simplified bookkeeping isn't enough, we customize the most cost-effective accounting to fit your unique business needs. Learn More.

  • Tom Via Linkedin 2011

    "Very simply, Dennis is a genius. I know many CPAs but Dennis is the best by far. He knows so many creative strategies for making money, investing wisely, and avoiding taxes on the money you make. "

  • Lisa via Linkedin 2013

    "We have known Dennis for the past 6 years. We've worked with several financial planners/accountants prior, but Dennis was the only one with the vision and knowledge to look at the big picture and provide all-encompassing sound financial advice."

  • Candido Via Alignable 2021

    "Dennis and his team are passionate with helping their clients understand the insights of their recommendations with a high level of customer service. Relax Taxes makes taxes understandable and manageable for a 7 yrs old...."